Discover Your Casino Audience With Cvent’s Competitive Ads and Search Ads


Casino is an entertainment venue in which people can play a variety of games and enjoy food, drinks, and live entertainment (either via live performances or closed-circuit broadcasts). The casino industry has a long history in places like Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City. It has more recently expanded to include venues in many other states as well. Despite their reputation as seedy backroom gambling parlors, casinos are generally safe and offer a fun way to pass the time and perhaps win some money.

For a while, casino marketers focused heavily on demographic data such as age, income, and education to inform their strategies. While this is useful, it is important to understand the full picture of your audience’s interests and needs in order to effectively market your casino.

For example, imagine that you have a group of women visiting your casino. You know that they are in their 20s or early 30s, college-educated, and have high-paying jobs. But you don’t know why they are there! They could be on a business trip with an hour to kill before their next meeting, or they might be there celebrating a bachelorette party. Fortunately, Cvent’s Competitive Ads and Search Ads can help you discover more about this group of customers. This information will allow you to target them with ads that speak directly to their needs, interests, and pain points. As a result, you can increase discoverability and earn more group business.